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We all got red-pilled on the financial system.
It's time we look into alternatives in other areas of our lives.
Let's discuss how we can escape the broken system and build the right experience for ourselves.

We wish you were there with us, but we are also happy to see you join us today.

It was the highest signal Underground Citadel yet and we couldn't keep all that info away from those who were able to be there physically.

So here it is:
The Underground Citadel 2022
brought to you in digital form.
Speaker #1 - Bernardo

- Physical security and the derivatives of it
- Situational awareness
- Mental tactics
- Threat recognition

Speaker #2 - Jon Wayne Taylor
- Why we should hunt
- How to start with hunting
- Inefficiencies of hunting
- Tracking and Trailing
- Animal processing and more...

Speaker #3 - Radical Midwife Lauren

- Why you should consider homebirth
- How modern medicine has stripped birth of its beauty
- How childbirth has been numbed
- Real statistics of birth
- In the healthcare system, you're the consumer and more...

Speaker #4 - Jessica Hodlr and Katie the Russian

- Why Bitcoin enables freedom of movement
- How KYC strips individuals of their freedom
- Why you should implement jurisdictional arbitrage
- What is the difference between citizenship and residency
- Why you should consider Mexican residency and more...

Speaker #5 - Dr. Oubre

- How to take charge of your health by unlocking your "discomfort" genome
- What are the 5 pillars of health
- Why you should test yourself first
- Biohack AFTER healing
- Reverse aging and more...

Speaker #6 - Joe Rodgers

- How to go about the 3D printing learning curve
- Why you should 3D print before it's too late
- What are the capabilities
- How to prepare and more...

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