August, 25th

no photo or video allowed
We all got red-pilled on the financial system.
Time to look into alternatives in other areas of our lives.
Let's discuss how to escape the broken system and build the right experience for ourselves

Important: The event is completely off-the-record. We value your privacy and trust you to do the same towards people around you.
No video recordings are allowed.

Come on time to get the coolest swag
Thursday, August 25th
10:00 am - Meet your tribe @ Bitcoin Commons

10:30 am - Physical security: Martial arts, firearms and situational awareness
11:00 am - Kill your own food - time to get into hunting
11:30 am - Natural birth w/ midwife Anya Casteel

12 pm - Lunch: home-made Uzbek pilaf by Chef Andrew, chicken kebab and more.. No seed-oils.

1:00 pm - Flag theory and jurisdictional arbitrage w/ Jessica Hodlr and Katie the Russian
1:30 pm - Building a citadel: off-grid housing
2:00 pm - Unlocking your mind w/ Clancy Rodgers
2:30 pm - 3D2A w/ Joe Rodgers
3:00 pm - Sovereignty QUIZ (sick prizes)

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